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Many people have been asking me to produce videos demonstrating some ways to improve and maintain your health.  Well, here's the first one on how I make celery juice!  Enjoy!!

Celery Video Intro.jpg

The interview, by Jennifer Palumbo, first aired on September 22, 2021, on "Best of the Bluegrass" on LEX18 in Lexington, Kentucky!


"Cleaning up your diet and focusing on your health has never been easier. Naturopathic Housecalls takes a holistic approach and bring the healing right to you. Founder Dr. Lori Rivera shares her approach to help people get healthy and stay on track. You can call her at (502) 353-8003 or visit her website,"

Here’s my 2nd interview with LEX18 news, broadcast this afternoon (October 19, 2021) on “Best of the Bluegrass”

My first official article about Naturopathic Housecalls LLC in print! TOPS Magazine of Lexington KY was kind enough to include me in the October issue, in stands all over town as of Friday. Theme for the professional women of Lexington: “A League of their Own”! Was such a fun photoshoot. My 15 minutes, y’all!

Lori Rivera League Photo.jpg
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