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“Dr. Lori has been sharing her wisdom with me for at least a couple of years now. Last summer I found myself in a desperate situation: unable to digest much food and at a point at which I was afraid to eat. She devised a plan to help me recover that offered support in the right places so I could digest and ABSORB nutrition with minimal repercussion. It was a bit of a long road out but my diet has returned to 100% normal and my weight is stable. I am FOREVER grateful for her long suffering and WISDOM. 
I continue to count on her and appreciate her companionship along the journey to optimal health.”


Hall, MK


“I met Dr. Rivera just shortly after being diagnosed with Lyme’s Disease.  At that time she was on staff where I was being treated. As time went by and I needed so much attention, I reached out to her for help. Dr. Rivera met my needs in so many ways. Her holistic approach and experience in the alternative health field was just what I needed and has kept me on my path to recovery.  Her careful advice, from my diet to supplements, has led to a great improvement in my over - all condition.”


Napier, B


“In 2015 I suffered a heart attack, had quadruple bypass, and then endured a stroke while recovering from the operation.  Dr. Lori Rivera N.D. has been a partner in my recovery and continued health journey ever since.  She was my advocate at the hospital and consulted with myself and the cardiologist on the best combination of medications and supplements to help with my recovery, and to reduce the risk of further circulatory issues.  She patiently helped me understand the different blood tests and what I should do.  I have made some changes to my diet, and my recovery has been encouraging; I haven’t had to return to see a cardiologist since 2019.  Her compassion and continued support mean a lot.  Dr. Lori is an exemplary medical professional!”


Omielan, J

“I worked with Lori for two years; during this time, she monitored my care, pushed to find answers, and advocated for me through the process.  Lori is highly sensitive, empathic, and highly knowledgeable of various traditional and non - traditional practices.  Lori provided me guidance and support through a very difficult time in my life and I am forever grateful for her being a part of my wellness journey.”


Sanborn, K


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